High power wind farm project
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About us
Written by Tumurbat.D
Thursday, 28 January 2010
Company Summary

Qleantech LLC is an energy development company providing renewable energy solutions in Mongolia, ownership and operation of wind energy systems. We will focus initially on providing renewable energy development such as 250 MW high power Wind Farm. The main objectives are to supply electricity to the mining development area where there is large demand for power from surrounding mines and export electricity to China.

Our Vision

Qleantech LLC vision is to be a world leader in clean energy and inspire others to follow and become leaders in their own right. This means nurturing a green network of partnership that will ensure a clear carbon foot print for a better today and tomorrow for the world we live in.

Our Mission

Qleantech LLC is dedicated to provide the world with affordable clean energy it needs to drive development therefore decreasing global dependency on fossil fuels at a competitive rate for return to our investors.

To support this mission, Qleantech LLC provides renewable energy solutions in new and emerging markets by developing and operating renewable energy facilities to ensure sustainable and equitable development.

Qleantech LLC is committed to foster a carbon free foot print that will sustain environmental and social development in the communities with which we work and around the globe. At Qleantech LLC we not only take into account our profit and loss analysis; but we also factor in our social and environmental impact when making corporate decisions. We develop our projects, pricing structures and partnerships based upon this commitment, and the drive to reduce global dependence on fossil fuels.  

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