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Oyu Tolgoi wind power project
Written by Tumurbat.D
Tuesday, 26 January 2010
Project name: Oyu Tolgoi wind power project
Total capacity: 250 MW
Project location: Tsagaan Khad area in Khanbogd soum of Umnugobi province

Project lifetime: 21 years

  1. Domestic: The proposed wind farm will transmit its electricity to Oyu Tolgoi TPP substation expected the commissioning from 2012 and interconnected to the CES.
  2. Foreign: While upgrading its capacity in the future the project has a wide opportunity of entering into Chinese market exporting wind energy to North Grid China of P.R.China.

250 MW wind farm project activity will:

-Reduce the emission of 1,146,708 tCO2e/yr

-Save potable water of 9.7 mln  m3/yr

Located in the richest utility-grade wind resources and in the center of Mongolia’s expected industrial mining boom, Oyu Tolgoi wind power project as a green independent power producer, will target on growing energy demand in the Southern Mongolia region as well as energy-hungry Chinese market .

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